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Front End - Editing Content

Image Galleries

Home Page Advertising - Images are Full page Ad sized to approx 600px width jpegs. Scenic Home Page Images - Images should be sized to 640 x 148px

Text Editor

I’ve customised the text colour picker on the text editor for GE Connect now so that you can use the proper blue for the headings to match in with the overall design of the site. I’ve also included Business Local colours and a few others that you may need.

corrupted image in it. This usually happens when you try and copy and paste an image into the text editor rather than using the image icon to upload it. So can you please go back in and edit it

one of the paragraphs in the content had   inbetween every single word so the html was not wrapping on to the next line.



The Invoice List

Invoice list will now default to all outstanding invoices when the page loads

Automatically Generated Invoices

Amy asked me to change the Attn: person on the invoices for different types which I have done. So now the Membership Invoices will be addressed to the Membership contact, event invoices will be the 1st attendee’s name, and GE Connect will be the person who authorised the booking.

Recording Payments

‘receive payment’ page that gives you an option to renew the membership at the same time. If the payment received is for a membership invoice, just enter the starting year of the renewal period (i.e. if the invoice is for 2015-2016, enter 2015) and this will automatically change the financial status of that member back to Financial as well as changing the ‘Membership Last Renewed’ date.

Outstanding Invoices

Exporting Invoices

Exporting Payments Received

Importing into MYOB

Error Log
Logistic Management Service Pty Ltd, Coopers Carpet Cleaning, CCI Apprenticeship Solutions Cards not found
There was no MYOB name saved for Binduli Wines
There was more than one card for Puzzle Consulting

Printing MYOB Names

Emailing Invoices

(ie where it says “Invoice 1815 was not attached as the PDF was not found on the server.”) So you need to go to the outstanding invoices list, and click on the invoice number of ALL invoices that don’t show the email and delete pdf icon. That will generate the PDFs, then everyone should be able to use the links in the email that was already sent to view the invoices.

Send Reminder Emails


But the registration that was linked to the $1000 invoice no longer appears in the database. Was it deleted? If so, that invoice is no longer relevant and will need to be deleted.
There are also 2 invoices for Post Budget Luncheon however this event seems to have been deleted, so those invoices will need to be deleted also.
Please note that if you delete an event booking that is linked to an invoice, then the invoice also needs to be deleted.
Also, past events should not be deleted. If an event is cancelled, you need to either delete all the invoices that have been linked to it and/or just hide the event from the website rather than deleting it completely.

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Print Addresses


note that if you click on the link to edit the email signature before sending an email it will open the edit page in a new window. So if you save the changes then close the window and go back to the previous one and refresh the page the signature will also refresh. However you have to do this BEFORE making any changes to the email body or else refreshing will make you lose your changes.

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Add a Newsletter

Add a Content Block

Create the content block as a text only, and use the text editor to upload the image and make it into a link. Note that for this to display correctly once sent you must have the image at the correct size in pixels at 72dpi according to the size you want it to display. In the case of a full width image it is 560px wide. You may also want to set the border of the image to ‘0’ in the image properties as some mail programs will automatically put a border around linked images which won’t look as good.

Please note that I don’t usually allow for images to be added into newsletters this way so now that you have the control to do so, I’d highly recommend you only use that button in these rare cases as there are many things that can go wrong!

Image Library

The reason this is not displaying correctly is because you used the text editor to upload the image, rather than the e-newsletter system’s pre-set layouts (i.e. you could have uploaded the image in its own content block as ‘image only’ layout but then I realise it would turn out to be the full width of the newsletter). So if you are going to do this, you need to make the image the exact size in pixels (at 72 dpi) that you want it to display in the newsletter as Outlook and some other mail programs do not recognise the style that is applied to it. You can use the text editor to resize the image after you have uploaded it by going into the ‘browse server’ area and right-clicking on the image, then a menu will come up with a resize option. I have attached a screenshot which may help you.

The maximum size for images in the text column is 340px wide.

Viewing the E-Newsletter List

Sending Test Newsletters

‘send to specified email address’

Contact Lists

I’ve now made a link where you can preview the lists (go to Newsletters > Contact Lists)

Tracking & Statistics

If you go into statistics, you will now be able to click on the number of unsubscribes for each newsletter and this will bring up any comments that people have submitted.

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Add, Edit and Delete Users

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Jobs Board


Front End

Users can log in using their GE Connect account. On the home screen they will see some icon links which will allow them to post a job. Once they have added a job, they will be able to review and edit it before submitting. However, after submitting only the Administrator can make changes to the Ad.

When the Ad is submitted, the client needs to specify the start and end date for the position to be advertised. After 5:00 pm on the end date, the ad will automatically be hidden.

Approving an Ad

When a client submits a Job Ad, an email is sent to the Administrator with the Ad details. The ad must be approved before it will go live. You can do this by clicking on one of the links in the email, or by clicking the 'Pending' status link on any of the Jobs Lists.

Jobs List

To view the list of recently added jobs, go to Jobs Board > Recently Added Jobs. The most recently added 20 are shown. Ads that are currently active on the front end are shown in green.

To view all jobs posted in a given date range, go to Jobs Board > Jobs List by Date Range.

To view all pending jobs, go to Jobs Board > Pending Jobs.

To view all jobs posted by a particular Business, go to their Business Details page and find the 'Jobs Board' section. You can also see what type of Billing account they have.

Adding A Job

Any Jobs that are added by the Administrator will not be billed. To book an ad on their behalf, go to Directory > Log in as Client and go from there.

To add a job, go to Jobs Board > Add a Job. Start typing the name of the business you would like to create the ad for, and select the relevant name as suggested. Click 'GO'.

Insert the Job details as desired, and click 'Add Job'.

Editing or Deleting a Job

To edit the job, click the edit icon to the right of the relevant job on any of the job lists.
To delete the job, click the edit icon to the right of the relevant job on any of the job lists.

Billing & Invoicing

All Businesses by default will be billed per ad at the time of placing the booking.

To allow a Business to be billed once only at the end of each month, go in to edit their Business Details, and select 'Monthly Account' as the option for Jobs Board.

Generating Monthly Invoices
From the beginning of a new month, you will be able to generate the invoices for ads that have not yet been billed from the previous month. Each invoice will be emailed to the main business email with the invoice attached.

To generate the invoices, go to Jobs Board > Generate Monthly Invoices. You will be brought to a list of ads that have not yet been billed.

Click the 'Print Invoices for [month name]' link at the bottom of the page. This will insert the invoices into the database. DO NOT close the window yet as you need to complete one more step to send the invoices.

Click 'Email out Jobs Board Invoices'. You will be asked to confirm your action before the invoices are sent. click 'Yes' to send the invoices. A communication will be logged for each invoice that is sent.

N.B. Billing goes by the date that the Ad was posted, not by the start date for the Ad.

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Booking Setup

Whenever you open bookings for a new year, you need to change the previous year’s bookings to ‘now showing’. Once people make their new booking, this will override the old one, but currently it is only looking for people from 2016-2017 which is obviously nobody as nobody has booked for this year yet. So please go into the booking settings and change 2015-2016 to ‘Now showing’ and this should fix it.

Front End

people can now sign up for a new account online and then book straight away providing they have a valid email address. Please have a look at the form here:
People can then book straight away, but their listings will not be shown until it’s made live.

It’s just basically alerts you when anyone creates an account so you can check over the info that people have added and make sure it’s a legitimate business.

currently anyone who has an ad apart from the Index only listings can add the text and the photos, including BD’s.

Bookings Live/Not Live

We have just fount that GE Connect is showing the old and the new artwork for GRT, should have overridden the top one (We do cars too in the star is old).

This will happen when the directory bookings are currently open, IF a new booking has been made live while the previous year’s bookings have the status “Now Showing”. The way you get around this is to go into last year’s booking and make it ‘not live’, which I have now done for GRT. When the bookings are closed, and the new year’s directory status is changed to ‘Now Showing’, none of last year’s ads will be visible any more. But in the interim if this happens with any other businesses (which I’m sure it will) all you need to do is make their last year’s ad ‘not live’ in order to hide it.

Online Bookings

The online prices come up automatically if bookings aren’t currently open. I’m pretty sure when the bookings are open then both the full price and discounted price are shown on the booking form

Manage Bookings

Semi-Completed Bookings

Follow Up

Follow Up by Section

Early Bird Function

I can see there may be an issue if you start someone’s booking before the early bird cutoff but then don’t submit it until after the cutoff date, as the discount will still apply in the database and hence will show up on the invoice as an item but not in the total. In that case you might just have to let me know and I’ll manually change it. It shouldn’t be a common occurrence but just keep it in mind.

Booking Authorisation

I have allowed you to now see who has authorised which individual ad, so if someone submits ads and then someone else submits more later, you will see who authorised which ads.
I believe the authorisation name has to be added by the person who books it for online bookings and by the admin for manual bookings.

Sending Booking Forms

We send out the new booking open email you created with the header & footer images and their contact details (displayed within the email) and click here to log in and up date button/link. Then we use the “print/email forms” option individually if someone rings up and asks because they are confused, we can send them the form (hope that makes sense). Then come the end of May or June we MAY need to actually print the remaining businesses and actually post them out. We are hoping to avoid this cost, since sending a letter is $1 each now. HOWEVER I just thought of an issue… What if the business doesn’t have an email listed, can you have them come up in a log/list/section so we can work out how we will deliver these manually? Yep, that is exactly what I would have done. I have now made a list of everyone without emails, you can view it either from the Membership List or the ‘Manage Bookings’ page.

I will also change the ‘no email’ list I set up as that doesn’t currently look for the contacts’ emails, so that should reduce the number you need to post.

Emailing Out


Is it possible to send me an example of the mailout email with a business in there? Maybe Design Sense? So I can show the girls what the business will ACTUALLY get in the first instance, because I’m not really sure myself either it’s been a couple of months since we changed it!

Manage Categories

Track Artwork

Ads that are not yet Live

Making Ads Live - bulk update

To make all ads for a given year 'Live' in a bulk update, go to Directory > Make ads Live - bulk. Choose the Chamber, then select the year from the drop-down list. Click 'Go' to procede. Note this action cannot be undone!



I’ve now added a link under the ‘Directory’ tab where you can see all the invoices for the current year’s GE Connect bookings.

Client Login


So from now on, people can only use the email addresses from the “contacts” section. They can use the main business email if it is also linked to a contact. The same email address can be added as contacts on multiple accounts (ie linked to 2 or more different businesses), however if there is more than one contact set up with the same address for the same business then it won’t work. So if more than one person from the same company uses a generic address e.g. admin@, they will need to share a login (ie. all use the same password).

Reset a Password

go to and type in the client’s email, and the reset password will get emailed to instead of the client so you retrieve it for them.

Sign in as A Client

OK So now if you log into the website and go to the event registration page you will see a link at the top “Sign in as Member for testing”. If you click on there, type in the business name and click sign in you will be logged in as that business. It will allow you to test and also submit registrations on members’ behalf.

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The Members List

people will only come up in GE Connect if they have an actual booking so you are safe to add in the main company details to the top Directory section even if they are only Business Local contacts.

Adding a Member


Generating Renewal Letters & New Member Letters

this will happen automatically for next month when the renewal letters are generated through GE Connect. I’m not sure who does that but if you could pass this info on to them too that would be great. At the bottom of the page that generates the membership letters will appear a section called ‘Memberships not renewed’. It will generate a list saying who has been changed to Unfinancial so that you can double-check it has worked correctly. If a membership invoice can’t be found for that particular member, an alert will appear and you will need to change the financial status for that particular member manually.

‘receive payment’ page that gives you an option to renew the membership at the same time. If the payment received is for a membership invoice, just enter the starting year of the renewal period (i.e. if the invoice is for 2015-2016, enter 2015) and this will automatically change the financial status of that member back to Financial as well as changing the ‘Membership Last Renewed’ date.

you have to enter the actual year you are renewing for

new members list goes by date, so anyone who has the renewal date set as 01/2016 would come up currently. So new members would be added with the current month’s date, then the welcome letters could be generated before any of the members coming up for renewal were processed.

You can now edit the membership renewal letters. When you go to the ‘members up for renewal’ list and click ‘Print Renewal Letters & Invoices’ you will now see a link saying ‘edit renewal letters’. You can click this to edit the letter text before generating the PDF if you want to.

any new members who are added will come up on that list automatically. Once you have printed their letters, go into edit their membership info and change the new radio option for ‘New member letter Sent’ to Yes.

Parent Companies

Businesses can be linked to other businesses as a Child of that Business. Each Parent and Child business should be created as a full business as usual, and then the Child Company can be linked to the Parent Company via the Member Page. See following sections for detailed instructions on how to do this.

Child Companies:-

Parent Companies:-

Parent Company List
All of the Current Parent-Child Company links can be viewed by going to Members > Parent Companies.

Linking to a Parent Company
Make sure that the Parent Company exists in GE Connect. Change the Child's Member Type to 'Member Through Association' and financial status to 'Financial' if it isn't already.

Go to the Child Company's 'Business Details' page. Click 'Link to a Parent Company' at the top right-hand side of the page.

Start typing the business name that you would like to link to, and click 'Link'.

N.B. Although the membership details will no longer be visible on the Child's page, you can still edit them by clicking the edit icon on the Business Details page.

Un-Linking from a Parent Company
Go to the Child Company's 'Business Details' page. Click 'Unlink' next to the Parent Company's name at the top right-hand side of the page.


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Exporting Communications

Communications can be exported using the following filters:

To export communications data, go to Admin > Export Communications. Select the options you wish to export, and click 'GO'.

To export communications for an individual business only, click the link just under the main heading on the same page. Start to type the business name, and select one from the list of suggestions.
Alternatively, you can click the export link at the bottom of the recent communications list on the 'Business Details' page.

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Logging In

The Task List

Email Signatures

so everyone receives a signature when the user is created. The only pages I can find that use the email signatures currently are the 2 business local ones

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Business Local

Adding & Removing businesses

Click the blue plus icon at the top of the Contact list. If you want to add a business to your list that is already in GE Connect, the name will appear when you start typing in the box on the add page. If you select it, it will update the database to say that they are a business local contact and bring across all of the existing details. Be wary when editing these businesses’ contact details as they are linked to the directory as well.

to take people off the Business Local list is click the ‘switch to membership view’ link, edit the member and then change the ‘Business Local’ option to ‘No’.

Business Details

Years been in business - business start month/year but I have now set it up so that if you leave it as blank or ‘0’ it will just show nothing.

KPI Reports

Go to Business Local > Generate KPI Report
Choose the dates you want to generate it for and Click GO
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a new link “Export this report as a CSV”
Click on that and you will be redirected to the page where you can download both the Esperance and the Kalgoorlie ones as separate CSVs. Download them to your hard drive

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Working Together

Contact List

The Working Together Contact list shows all the businesses in GE Connect who have been linked to Working together.

To view the contact list, go to Working Together > Contact List

You can filter the list by clicking the links underneath the main top heading to view all Businesses, Stakeholders only or Non-Stakeholders only.

Adding a Business
To link an existing GE Connect business, click the add icon at the top of the Contact List.
Type the business name in the box. A list of matches will appear as you start typing. Select the relevant name and click 'Add'.

The business will be linked and you will be directed to the 'Business Details' page for that business.

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On the 'Business Details' page you can see all of the Working Together Contacts linked to that business.

Adding a Contact
Before adding a contact you should check whether they are already an existing GE Connect contact. Do this by clicking + Find an existing Contact on the 'Business Details' page under 'Contacts'. If the name you are looking for appears on the list, click on the name.

If the name does not appear on the list, go back to the 'Business Details' page and click + Add New Contact. Insert the Contact's details as desired, and click 'Add'.

Editing a Contact
To edit the contact, click the edit icon to the right of the relevant contact on the 'Business Details' page.

Deleting a Contact
You should only delete a contact if they are ONLY a Working Together Contact. Check the 'Primary Contact For' column on the 'Business Details' page to see whether this is the case or not. To unlink the contact from the Working Together page, click the edit icon as previously outlined, and uncheck the 'Working Together' checkbox next to 'Primary Contact For'. Upon saving changes the Contact will no longer appear on the 'Business Details' page.

To completely delete the contact, click the delete icon to the right of the relevant contact on the 'Business Details' page.

To make a Business a Stakeholder, first go to the 'Business Details' page of the relevant business. In the 'Directory Details' section, you will see a 'Yes' or 'No' next to the 'Stakeholder' option. To change this to the alternative, click the 'Change' link.

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Each time you meet with a business, you can record their answers to the questionnaire. These answers are saved in the database and can be exported as a CSV and viewed, edited or deleted at any time.

To start a new questionnaire, go to the 'Business Details' page and scroll down to the 'Working Together' section. Click + Start new questionnaire on the right-hand side of the title bar.

Fill in the answers as desired and click 'Save Answers'.

Saved Questionnaires
Once saved, these questionnaires appear under the 'Working Together' section of the 'Business Details' page. You can also view a list of all recently added questionnaires by clicking Working Together > Questionnaires.

To view the answers, click the 'View Answers' link to the right of the relevant questionnaire on either of these lists.

Editing and Deleting Questionnaires
To edit a questionnaire, click the edit icon on the 'Business Details' page or at the bottom of the Questionnaire page.
To delete a questionnaire, click the delete icon on the 'Business Details' page or at the bottom of the Questionnaire page.

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To view the list of recent jobs, click Working Together > Jobs on the navigation bar.The list will show the most recent 20 by date.

Editing and Deleting Jobs
To edit the job, click the edit icon to the right of the relevant job on the 'Jobs' page.
To delete the job, click the delete icon to the right of the relevant job on the 'Jobs' page.

Exporting Jobs
To export all the jobs for a given date range, click the 'Export as CSV' link at the bottom of the 'Jobs' page. Select the desired date range, and click 'GO'. When the CSV has been created, click the 'Download File' button. See later sections for information on how to open a CSV in Excel.

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To view the list of recent events, click Working Together > Events on the navigation bar.The list will show the most recent 20 by date.

Editing and Deleting Events
You cannot edit an event. If you make a mistake, delete the event and start again.
To delete an event, click the delete icon to the right of the relevant event on the 'Events' page.

Recording Attendance
To record whether you attended an event or not, click 'Yes' or 'No' in the 'Attendance' column. To change it after initially recording attendance, click the 'Change' link in the 'Attendance' column.

Exporting Events
To export all the events for a given date range, click the 'Export as CSV' link at the bottom of the 'Events' page. Select the desired date range, and click 'GO'. When the CSV has been created, click the'Download File' button. See later sections for information on how to open a CSV in Excel.

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KPI Reporting

To generate a KPI report for a given date range, click Working Together > Generate KPI Report on the navigation bar. The KPI will calculate the number of communications sent, events held and attended in each location, jobs recorded in each location and number of questionnaires created.

To view the report, select the desired date range, and click 'GO'.

Exporting KPI Reports
To Export the report once generated, click the 'Export as CSV' link at the bottom of the 'Events' page. When the CSV has been created, click the'Download File' button. See later sections for information on how to open a CSV in Excel.

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Opening a CSV in Microsoft Excel

Open excel
Go to file > Open
Select ‘All files’ as the file type and then select the CSV
Make sure the first radio button ‘Delimited’ is selected (it is default)
Specify semicolon as the delimiter (make sure ‘tab’ is unselected) as per screenshot
Click ‘Finish’.


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